Can you remember your physio exercises? …uhm something like this?

Well, we have all been there right? After a great visit to our friendly physio and walking out with some homework to do…that we often do not complete. The actual question is “Why don’t we complete our homework, if we know that it’s going to help resolve the problem and improve our treatment plan results?”. Maybe because you cannot remember how to do them? Maybe you just simply lost the pages you were given? Maybe the doggo ate them?

Forgot your exercise program? Fear not, at our Physio clinic we have an answer to facilitate your recovery time and help you reach your optimal functional level with our online solution, available at your fingertips. We’ll send you crystal clear and professionally narrated videos to show you how to perform your exercises correctly, that you can access online or simply download the app for easier access anywhere and anytime. With reminders and an integrated platform, we’ve got your back when it comes to making sure that your rehabilitation is tracked and monitored for optimal success. We can even do online telehealth video calls to assess and discuss your further treatment options. We know, it’s next level and we’re pushing the boundaries to help you get the help you need.

Exercise prescription remains one of the most underrated treatment tools that we passionately believe should be the core of your treatment plan. But you know this already…exercise is medicine, and we aspire to make sure that you are empowered in the best possible way to regain your functional goals. Our goal is to help you increase your functional capacity to complete the tasks that you’ve been struggling with.

Get in touch with us to get you an exercise prescription that is aligned to a future you dream of…small daily improvements create massive success stories over time. So let’s get those joints oiled up and have you geared for success!

It’s so much more than just an exercise prescription, it’s about regaining your life back! That’s why we’re committed to helping you remember what you need to do, and when to do it.

If you need to revise your exercise prescription feel free to get in touch with us and book an appointment.

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